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Slab Foundation Repair

The leading slab foundation company for epoxy repair with steel reinforcement in San Diego.

Slab Foundation —
Epoxy Repair With Steel Reinforcement

Steel Reinforcement Slab Foundation Repair
Epoxy Repair with Steel Reinforcement

Steel reinforcement is sometimes utilized on slightly larger cracks with a vertical offset. This method is typically referred to as "slots", staples, or stitches, and is used to obtain a greater strength at those distressed areas.

Our Other Slab Foundation Repair Services

Epoxy Injection

High strength epoxy is commonly used to reestablish the strength of the distressed slab

Sawcut and Replace

Removal and replacement of crack slab is the most reliable and stronger repair method

Stabilization & Underpinning

When soils do not provide adequate support, underpinning the foundation may be necessary

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