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Slab Foundation Repair

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Slab Foundation —
Sawcut and Replace Repair

Slab Foundatiion Sawcut Replace
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Removal and replacement of cracks is even more reliable and stronger than the repairs mentioned above. This type of repair provides a structural slab in these tR.A.Ditionally weak areas and provides for a flatter surface to the floor.

More significant cracks are often removed from the slab. If vertical offsets or wide internal displacement is present, then removing portions of the slab and replacing with a structural slab may be necessary.

  • Slab is cut and removed to a distance of approximately 15" on each side of the crack.
  • Holes are drilled into the remaining slab.
  • Reinforing steel is bonded into the holes with epoxy.
  • A new plastic vapor barrier is placed.
  • New concrete is placed in the old cracked slab area.
Sawcut and replace foundation repair

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