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Slab Foundation Repair

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Epoxy Injection Repair

Slab Foundatiion Epoxy Repair
Slab Foundatiion Epoxy Injection Repair

The use of high strength epoxy adhesives are commonly used to seal, bond, and reestablish the strength and integrity of the distressed slab. This method is typically used for cracks that are less than ΒΌ" in width with no vertical offset.

Epoxies are often used to fill and strengthen minor cracks in slabs. The epoxy bonds the two sides together and the surface is ground smooth after the epoxy cures.

  • The crack is cleaned and prepared for epoxy bonding.
  • Temporary injection ports are bonded to the slab directly over the crack.
  • The crack is sealed on the surface with a temporary bonding agent.
  • The two part epoxy is mixed and pressurized into the crack with a high pressure injection gun. The epoxy penetrates the full depth of the crack.
  • After curing of the epoxy, ports are stripped and slab is ground smooth
Slab epoxy injection repair

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