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Foundation repair services for Residential Properties & Single Family Homes

Residential / Single Family Home Foundation Repair

We provide foundation repair and services to Residential Properties, and Single Family Homes throughout San Diego County

R.A.D Construction Inc. specializes in foundation, drainage and cracked slab repair for your residential property. Whether you are buying, selling, or remodeling a home with a cracked slab, or you just need peace of mind for a home that you plan to retire in, we can assist you with a an onsite consultation to repair your foundation problems. We are often involved in real estate transactions after a physical inspector has noted a problem with your foundation. We are very experienced with the escrow transactions and coordinating our services with appraisers, lenders, real estate agents, engineers, and physical inspectors

We can also assist investors who are looking to purchase a distressed property as an investment property.

Single family lots in San Diego often experience settlement problems due to terraced lots and poor compaction of fill soils. Many lots are transitional lots consisting of both cut and fill soils. Differential movement between the cut soil and the fill soil causes significant distress to the residence. We offer a variety of repair programs to correct this differential movement.

Residential / Home Project Example 1

Soils supporting this home's foundation were not providing adequate support. Underpinning and stabilizing the foundation system on this home was done to provide adequate vertical and lateral support. Underpinning and other types of stabilization methods are used to mitigate fill settlement, expansive soil, and improperly compacted soil under the foundation.

Home Foundation Repair Project
Home Raised Foundation Repair Project

Residential / Home Project Example 2

This home required removal, replacement, and reinforcement of the stem wall. This is the strongest and most permanent repair method to the perimeter of a raised foundation. This type of repair usually meets or exceeds current building and seismic requirements.

Home Raised Foundation Repair Project

Residential / Home Project Example 3

This home had poor drainage and soil conditions around the foundation which lead to a distressed slab. These conditions contributed to the movement of the soil under the slab foundation. We improved the drainage by installing French drains and therefore stabilized the residence.

Home Foundation Drainage Repair Project

Let us help you with your foundation repair needs.